Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Let’s Get Wild Program Educates New Mexico Public

A graduate of the DePaul University College of Law, Kathy Love currently practices as an attorney and partner with McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, PA, in New Mexico. The firm is comprised of mostly female attorneys who aren’t afraid to stand up to large corporations, and Kathy Love in her practice represents many clients who have experienced a significant injury or loss at the hands of profit-driven businesses. She also supports several charitable causes, among them the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.

Established in 1997, the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance is an environmental nonprofit organization whose mission is to protect and restore New Mexico’s vast wilderness areas. Among the organization’s educational programs is the Let’s Get Wild campaign, which provides valuable information about New Mexico’s public lands and wildlife. The campaign strives to foster a deeper connection between New Mexicans and the land, offering opportunities to participate in hands-on projects such as trail cleaning, invasive weed removal, or other improvements to animal habitats.

In addition to organizing volunteer service projects, Let’s Get Wild publishes an annual Wild Guide with descriptions of events and projects from the New Mexico Wilderness Alliance.                            

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