Friday, January 29, 2016

Attorney Kathy Love Represents Victim's Family in Civil Case

As a partner in the firm of McGinn, Carpenter, Montoya & Love, PA, attorney Kathleen (Kathy) Love represents the "Davids" against the "Goliaths". Attorney Kathy Love fights against powerful interests like corporations and insurance companies who hurt the little guy, particularly people who are disadvantaged. She recently represented the family of the fatal shooting victim of two Albuquerque, New Mexico policemen in a civil rights case.

In April 2011, two Albuquerque detectives attempted to serve a warrant on Christopher Torres who was in the back yard of his home playing with his dog. Christopher had allegedly been involved in a road rage incident months before. He was schizophrenic and having a break at the time of the incident. When the police discovered him in the back yard where he was wearing his pajamas and socks, they jumped the fence into the backyard and began beating him, then one officer shot Torres three times in the back.

In the civil case, the judge ruled the officers had acted improperly and that inconsistencies existed in the detectives' claim that Torres had tried to grab one of their guns. The judge criticized the Albuquerque Police Department's two-year delay in interviewing an eyewitness, and rejected claims the officers had acted in self-defense.

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