Friday, August 25, 2017

The Benefits of Civic Legal Aid

Albuquerque, New Mexico-based attorney Kathleen “Kathy” Love possesses years of experience representing individuals engaged in civil cases. A devoted mother and wife, Kathy Love also supports civil legal aid through her work as an attorney and a member of Equal Access to Justice.

Founded in 1988, Equal Access to Justice is a nonprofit organization that provides legal aid to individuals in need throughout the New Mexico region. Often, these are individuals facing emergencies such as domestic violence, bankruptcy, or home evictions. 

To date, Equal Access to Justice has raised over $3 million to support civil legal aid. The benefits of this work include:

- Reduced occurrences of domestic violence and the associated taxpayer costs by helping victims find help.

- Decrease in the time it takes foster children to be reunited with their parents. In addition, this reduces foster care-related costs. 

- Assistance for residents to remain in their homes by reducing evictions.

- The provision of legal resources to individuals that are eligible for social services and safety net programs.

- An improvement in the health of individuals with low incomes by enhancing health insurance, decreasing stress levels, and improving overall quality of life.